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  Distilling A Finer Spirit (Spirits Division - Baheri - Uttar Pradesh)

In 1949, the company installed a Distillery at Baheri to effectively utilize molasses, a by-product generated by the sugar factory. The plant imported from ACME; U.S.A, had a capacity of (11000) liters per day. This facilitated the company to improve its profitability significantly, as molasses was being converted into a value added product instead of causing pollution by wastefully drainage. Since it’s inception, the capacity of the distillery has now increased to 50 K.L per day, a feat that expresses the company's belief in growth by means of expansion and diversification.


The plant was modernized by incorporating sophisticated techniques for the production of steam at all levels, thereby enabling a quicker recovery of alcohol and low consumption of energy. The company has selected a highly effective process of continuous molasses fermentation, which has resulted in higher yields and improved process control. The Division was certified for ISO 9001:2008 in 2008 by M/S TUV SUD and has properly audited Standard Operating Procedures to ensure quality in our system.

The distillery unit is lead by a team of dedicated persons who are operating the plant with remarkable proficiency.

We are presently engaged in production of Rectified Spirit, ENA, DS / SDS, IMFL, CL & CO2. Besides our own IMFL bottling we are also bottling IMFL brands of other Distillery situated outside U.P.

  Bottling Facilities For Civil / Canteen Stores Department (CSD) / Country Liquor Supplies

The distillery has ample storage capacity for R.S. & E.N.A. from where alcohol is transferred to the Blending vats as per the distillery’s periodical requirements.

Here is an overview of the various technologies and facilities the distillery includes.

Distillery Statistics:

  • 2 High Speed 240 BPM line for 180 / 90 ml bottles, thereby obtaining approx. 2000 cases of Nips per day/shift.

  • 4 Semi Automatic lines of 60 BPM for Quarts, Pints and Nips, thereby obtaining approx. 1500, 900 and 500 cases per day /shift.

  • Auto line of 60 BPM for Quarts. On this line the distillery can produce any type & shape of fancy/normal bottles including Pet bottles, thereby obtaining approx. 2000 cases/day on single shift basis.

  • Adequate number of Soaking tanks including Brushing units and Tunnel type Rinsing machine with Air blower.

  • Adequate numbers of G.I. crates for keeping buffer stocks of washed bottles are available which also helps to dry the bottles properly.

  • Each line has a plate type pharma lab sparkling filter.

The spirits division has dedicated Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Effluent Treatment Plants along with RO plant & adequate Bio Composting facility to treat the effluents and ensure Zero discharge norms laid down by Pollution Control Boards.



  1. Agro Feed Boiler

  • 15 TPH Generation, working pressure 21 kg/cm2

  • Fuel used -> Rice Husk, Pith

  1. Biogas Boiler

  • 8.9 TPH generation, working pressure 21 kg/cm2

  • Fuel used -> Biogas


  • Capacity - 1.5 MW

  • Make - BTH

  • Extraction cum condensing

  • Working temp 3100 C at 18.5 Kg/cm2


The production facilities of Potable Grade Rectified Spirit is 50,000 liters per day and 15,000 liters per day of fine quality Extra Neutral Alcohol for premium grade alcoholic beverages.


  • 2 Nos. tube-wells to meet requirements of the Distillery as well as the Liquor plant. The water quality is very good, especially for the liquor. The liquor section gets a direct water supply from Distillery tube-wells

  • A DM Plant supplied by M/s. ION Exchange of 3 Ton per hour capacity including a DM water storage capacity of 25,000 liters

  • 2 Nos. Air compressors of displacement capacity of 3.72 M3/minute with Teflon Rings (free from oil) for blending

  • Independent air-conditioned laboratories for R&D, Quality Control and Process control

  • Separate godowns in which various packing materials for about 1 lac cases can be stored

  • Electronic Weighing Scale on each Bottling section in order to weigh finished cases before their dispatch into godowns

Carbon dioxide (CO2 plant):

We have production facility of CO2 of around 9 Tons/day which is being sold to outside parties in tankers.

  Quality Control Features
  • Online & post bottling checks carried out during bottling to ensure quality of finished goods are within specified norms
  • A sensory panel of members created to test the quality of RS, ENA& all CL as well as IMFL brands
  • Checking of all types of raw material such as molasses, Acids, Alkali’s, Rice Husk, Coal & other fuels
  • Checking of all packaging material such as PP Seals, Glass bottles, Pet bottles & CC Boxes
  • Looking after production and quality of pet bottles manufactured indigenously
  • Monitoring & Control of DM plant. Improvement in DM water quality and quantity as well as accurate measurement to ensure availability
  • Distillery plays an active role in new vendor development for pet bottles/perfume manufacturer
  • Distillery encourages new blend development / up-gradation of existing blends
  • Maintains regular upgrades of required levels of quality assurance on shop floor
  • Conducts wastage analysis and wastage control of all packing material
  IMFL Brands

The distillery sells around 2 million cases of IMFL (Indian Made Foreign Liquor) and Country Liquor. Our brands are well accepted across various regions in India. The brands in different product categories are as follows:

Whisky Vodka Gin & Duet Rum Brandy
Doctors Choice Deluxe Whisky Blue Berry Triple Distilled Vodka Blue Berry Premium Duet Gin N Lime Blue Berry Premium Matured XXX Rum

Old Magic Premium Matured XXX Dark Rum

Grand Merrier VSOP Brandy
Blue Berry Orange Twist Vodka
Old Magic Green Apple Vodka
Deccan Premium Malt Whisky Thunder Fire Vodka Doctors Choice VSOP Brandy
  Sales of Rectified Spirit, Special Denatured Spirits And Extra Neutral Alcohol

In addition to our captive consumptions of ENA for IMFL and Country Liquor, we also sell R.S., SDS / DS and ENA, customized to the needs of various parties. We also export R.S. and ENA.


  • Leaders in white spirits segment in the Delhi market

  • Total sales of IMFL and Country Liquor are over 2 million cases

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