Sustainability Integrated Inflection
Integrated Inflection

Few divisions within any business recognize inflection when it comes. Those that do, create sustainable returns. Seldom does it happen that the complete integrated model is at inflection.

At Kesar, we are fortunate that we recognize an all-round inflection. It is indeed a rare moment for us. With every business expected to grow substantially, we are happy for our shareholders.

Consider this as a snapshot Ö


The sugar industry is at an inflection not just in India but globally. In the last 15 years, for the first time, both the global and Indian closing stock is at the lowest, signaling firmer prices. And more importantly, sustainable. India is witnessing an increased production at a time when sugar prices are expected to remain firm. In addition to this inflection, is Kesarís inflection in the sugar division with a significant increase in capacity from 6500 TCS to 7200 TCD.

Next in line is spirits. India is among the top 10 countries in terms of millions of liquor cases sold globally. With rising incomes, this is fast changing. Brands are getting more popular. Market size is expanding. New markets are emerging. Kesarís spirits division is on an inflection to take 5% share of this business, hitherto dominated by a few players.

… Welcome to an inflection overdrive!

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