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The origin of Kesar Enterprises Ltd. (KEL) can be traced back to over a hundred years ago, when Kilachand Devchand strode a confident path to Bombay from a distant village in Gujarat, Patan. Since then, he and his succeeding generations have pioneered the formation and rise of the Kilachand Group, one of the largest houses for industry and trade in cotton and oilseeds. With the rising needs of a growing nation, their businesses expanded into Shipping, Aircrafts, Banking, Automobiles, Marketing, Insurance, Thermoplastics, Synthetic Rubber and Textiles in an ever widening sphere of industry.

Established in the year 1933, Kesar Enterprises Limited (KEL) grew as a member of the Kilachand group. Now, as KEL proudly crosses the threshold of 77 years, with major expansion and modernization plans on the brink of completion, the company is heading to reach new heights.


KEL has evolved into one of the leading industrial houses in Uttar Pradesh, North India. Engaged in the manufacture, marketing & sale of a variety of products, KELís highly diversified activities may be broadly classified into the following three divisions:

  • Sugar, Spirits & Power Division

  • The Sugar division is engaged in the business of the manufacture & sale of Sugar & its by-products

  • Spirits division is concerned with the manufacture & sale of alcohol & alcoholic beverages

  • Power division is involved in the generation of power from bagasse

  All divisions of KEL are ISO 9001:2008 certified.
KEL has journeyed a long way from its humble establishment in 1933. Completing 75 years in 2009, the companyís commitment to higher growth & profit regimes has resulted in installation of latest technology for the Sugar division, breakthrough R & D for Sugar  & efficient utilization of resources.

The company has implemented an integrated, robust business model, the results of which are manifest in KELís burgeoning growth & success.

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