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A strong sense of commitment and adherence to business ethics has guided KEL to ‘Go Beyond’ in all its ventures. 'Go Beyond' is KEL's pursuit to adopt environment friendly technologies, conserve nature, curb pollution and serve customers better.

Pollution control is another matter of prime concern at KEL. Today, the attitude towards the environment, in view of the alarming rates of Global Warming, has undergone a drastic change world over.

People have realized the importance of an industry existing in harmony with environment and not against it. The success of KEL is not only due to planning and hard work, but also because of its belief in social and environmental values. These enduring policies that have been instituted from its very inception are an honest expression at KEL. They are not tackled merely out rule of law, but out of a genuine concern for their long-term implications.

KEL provides medical facilities, education and farming assistance to over 37000 farmers. Services are provided to farmers in nursery management, sampling of soil for fertilizer application as well as frequent demonstrations and field visits to create awareness on new technologies. Regular information dissemination and awareness is created through training of farmers. In-house publications, pamphlets, television, video films and radio are also used as a medium of communication.

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