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Code Of Conduct

All employees shall report at their respective workplaces at the time fixed and notified by the management. An employee reporting late shall be governed by the rules as may be in force from time to time.

All employees are strongly encouraged to distinguish between business and personal interests. For instance, company material, equipment, facilities etc. should not be misused for personal purposes. Employees should avoid actions, which damage the reputation of the Company.


Whenever an employee is invited by external agencies / education institutions / professional bodies, etc. to deliver lectures / make presentations etc., he should first take approval by making a written request to the HR Department, through his immediate superior.

An employee is required to be conscious of time and cost issues and ensure no misuse of the same.


The following acts and omission on part of an employee shall amount to “misconduct” in accordance with the standards of the company / or otherwise :

  • Willful insubordination of Superiors or disobedience.

  • Going on an illegal strike or abetting, aiding / instigating or acting in furtherance thereof.

  • Willful slowing down in performance of work

  • Engaging in trade within the premises of the Establishment

  • Drunkenness or disorderly behavior during working hours

  • Act subversive of discipline

  • Misuse of power / authority for personal gains.

  • Taking out any property / document of outside the premises without prior approval of the immediate superior.

  • Any form of sexual harassment.

For misconduct committed by an employee, the Company may inflict any of the following punishments:
  • Warning

  • Suspension

  • Discharge

  • Dismissal

  • Demotion

Conflict of Interest : Conflict of Interest is defined as when an individuals personal, economic interests conflict with the interests of his company. The use of one’s position to obtain personal gain or advantage for oneself, members of one’s family or friends may result in a “Conflict of Interest” if the Company’s reputation and good name is jeopardized in any way, even though there may be no immediate or apparent financial loss to the Company.

In order for employees to be free to act in the best interests of the Company, they or members of their immediate families should not engage in any activity or have any outside interest which might conflict with the Company’s interest in any way, be harmful or publicity detrimental to the Company, or deprive the Company of their loyalty in carrying out its policies and satisfactory performance of their duties.

A conflict of interest is deemed to exist where :

  • An employee holds an outside position, which affects the performance of his / her work for the Company.

  • An employee is an employee of or consultant to any public or private concern which is a competitor, a supplier or a dealer of the Company.

  • An employee or a member of his / her immediate family acquires an interest in a firm which to his / her knowledge, the Company is investigating or with which the Company is carrying on or contemplating negotiations for merger, consolidation, acquisition or joint venture.

  • An employee or a member of his / her immediate family deals in the Company’s stock based on information gained in the course of performance of the employee’s duties and not available to the public, or otherwise misuses information available to or gained by the employee through his / her employment.

  • All KEL employees should consider and handle KEL documents as Company property and these should not be released to outside people or organizations without express permission of the Management.

  • KEL employees must use good judgement and maintain a high degree of honesty and integrity when dealing with suppliers, customers and vendors. All bids and quotations submitted to KEL must be evaluated on the basis of quality, service, reliability and price, along with the financial stability of the suppliers.

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